Managing in France

Working in a Culturally Rich Country

Managing in France - Working in a Culturally Rich Country

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Find out how to manage a team in France.

France is a country that really lives up to its reputation.

It offers some of the world's best cuisine, finest art, and most sophisticated wine. It has won more Nobel Prizes for Literature than any other country, and it boasts some of the world's most iconic landmarks. A quick trip out to the countryside demonstrates a strong contrast with bustling city life; lavender farms and vineyards dot the landscape, and life slows down dramatically.

If you're relocating to France, you might be dreaming of sidewalk cafes, baguettes, and museums. You might also be excited about the challenge of managing a French team.

In this article, we'll examine the culture, manners, and etiquette of French people, and we'll look at what you can do to get the best from your French team.


France's culture is diverse, and this article is meant as a general guide only. Each person and region is unique – treat people as individuals, and use your best judgment when working with your French team.

Country and Customs

France is the largest country in Western Europe in terms of land area, and it has the sixth-largest economy in the world (the third-largest in Europe). It's also the world's most popular tourist destination, with more than 88 million visitors each year.

The French Alps line the border with Italy and Switzerland, and the Pyrenees establish the southern border with Spain; these regions are known for their world-class hiking and skiing trails....

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