Managing in Egypt

Working in a Country in Flux

Managing in Egypt - Working in a Country in Flux

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Learn how to manage effectively in Egypt.

When you think of Egypt, you'll likely imagine ancient pyramids and pharaohs, bustling markets, and thriving tourist resorts such as Sharm el-Sheik. However, it's also a country run by a military government, where tensions and the risk of terrorism are high.

Egypt has the third-largest population in Africa, with over 95 million inhabitants. It's a region of stunning natural beauty and magnificent history, and it boasts busy cities, such as Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, and Port Said, alongside sweeping desert landscapes.

In this article, we'll explore how to live and work successfully in Egypt, whether you're relocating or managing a team remotely.


This article is intended as a general guide only. The different groups of people you'll meet will likely have different outlooks and cultural expectations. So, use your own best judgment and be flexible while managing here.

About Egypt

Egypt is a predominantly hot and dry desert country, which links North Africa with the Middle East. It is bisected by the River Nile, which remains one of its main commercial thoroughfares. Egypt is bordered by Libya, Sudan and Israel, and it has Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts.

Most Egyptians are Sunni Muslim, with Coptic Christians making up around 10 percent of the population.

Egypt has experienced significant political and social unrest in the last decade, including several violent demonstrations and the arrest of its first democratically elected president....

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