Managing in Chile

Working in a Relationship-Oriented Culture

Managing in Chile - Working in a Relationship-Oriented Culture

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The Easter Island statues are one of Chile’s most famous landmarks

Chances are that, when you first saw Chile on a map, you thought, "Wow, that's amazing!"

One of the most extraordinary things about this remarkable country is its geography. Chile is a sliver of land that stretches for more than 2,600 miles from north to south, and is only 217 miles across at its widest point. If you laid the country across the U.S., it would span from New York to Los Angeles.

Chile conjures up images of spectacular mountain ranges, parched deserts, and the imposing Moai: the giant-headed statues of Easter Island. There is a great deal to discover and enjoy in the country known as the Land of Poets.

Chile is also an exciting place to do business. It boasts many bilateral and regional trade agreements, it is politically stable, and it is economically developed. In this article, you'll learn the basics of living, working and managing people in Chile.


This article is meant as a general guide only. Keep an open mind and use your own best judgment, depending on your situation and your colleagues.

Chilean Culture

Chile is separated from Argentina and Bolivia, its eastern neighbors, by the towering Andes mountain range. Peru lies to the north, across the high-altitude Atacama Desert. Chile is a land of physical and cultural contrasts, with a population of about 18 million people.

Chileans are a proud and patriotic people. They have built one of the most prosperous nations in South America, and they enjoy a safe, diverse society with orderly government – despite the turbulent years of military dictatorship during the 1970s and 80s. The major industries are mining, wine, tourism, chemicals, agriculture, tobacco, and financial services.


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