Managing in Argentina

Working in an Artistic, Cultured Country

Managing in Argentina - Working in an Artistic, Cultured Economy

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Find out how to manage effectively in Argentina.

Argentina is known for its world-class wine, passionate dancing, rich food, and varied, colorful culture. Its people are as diverse as its landscape, which boasts tropical rain forests at its northern reaches and glaciers at its southern tip.

Argentina's population has grown since the 19th century due to an influx of European immigrants, and this melting pot of cultures affects every aspect of life there. The capital, Buenos Aires, is known as the "Paris of Latin America" because of its art, architecture and fashion.

If you're asked to manage a team in Argentina, you'll likely find yourself straddling two cultures: South American and European. In this article, we'll look at what you need to do to navigate these different influences, and work successfully in this country.


This article is intended as a general guide only. Be sensitive to each person's unique personality and needs, treat everyone as an individual, and use your own best judgment when managing a team in Argentina.

Country and Culture

The second-largest country in South America and the eighth-biggest in the world, Argentina shares borders with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay.


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