Managing in Canada

Working in a Diverse Country

Managing in Canada - Working in a Diverse Country

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Canada has a very diverse workforce.

Do you know that more than 100 languages are spoken in Canada?

And do you know that more than two-thirds of Canada's population growth comes from immigration?

If you're going to be managing a team in Canada, or even managing a Canadian team from overseas, you might think that Canada is no different from any other Western country. But you need to be aware of certain clear differences if you want to succeed with your team.

In this article, we'll explore what you need to know to live, work, and manage people in Canada.


Like most countries around the world, Canada has a diverse workforce, which varies greatly between the different provinces and cities. The strategies and tips in this article will provide you with a good understanding of Canada and its workforce. But it's important to be flexible, and to use your own best judgment when managing your team.


Canada, which is geographically twice the size of the United States, is an incredibly diverse country. It has two official languages – English and French – and owes much of its growth and development to immigration from a wide variety of countries.

This is what underlies Canada's policy of multiculturalism, and the Multiculturalism Act of 1988 ensures that federal institutions act in ways that are sensitive to the diverse cultures that make up Canadian society....

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