The Losada Ratio

Balancing Positive and Negative Interactions

(Also known as the Losada Line and the Positivity/Negativity Ratio) Note that the statistics behind this model are now in doubt – read on for details.

The Losada Ratio - Balancing Positive and Negative Interactions

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Find out the ideal recipe for building positive relationships.

"I really liked how you interacted with the audience, and the examples you used were spot on. Plus, your introduction was really strong, which helped get everyone interested from the start."

"However, you missed out some key information about our after-sales service, and I didn't like how you rushed through the last few slides. So I think you have some things to work on for next time."

If you received this feedback, chances are that you'd be feeling downcast, despite the fact that there were more compliments than criticisms.

Most of us realize on an instinctual level that there's a point at which negative feedback can damage productivity. The Losada Ratio backs this up....

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