8 Ways to Beat Loneliness in the Workplace

Preventing People From Feeling Isolated

Lara sits at her desk, watching the office fill up. Groups of people chat excitedly about their weekends and exchange news over coffee as they settle down to work.

Suddenly, she feels that familiar pain rising in her chest. She'd love to be a part of these conversations, but she just doesn't feel able to approach the group. She's not part of the "in crowd."

As the day goes on, Lara works diligently and tries to ignore the growing feeling of isolation. But she knows that she's not working to her best. By the end of the day, she feels unhappy, anxious and stressed. She doesn't know what to do. Keep quiet and hope that things get better? Ask HR for advice? Or, perhaps just "call it quits" and find another job somewhere else?

Loneliness at work can cause burnout, fatigue and emotional withdrawal. Use these eight tips to beat it for good.

In this article we explain what loneliness is, and how to recognize it. Then, we explore eight steps you can follow to help people to overcome it.


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