Jennings' Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse

Spotting Moral Downfalls

Magnifying glass focused on the word ethics.

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Watch out for signs that your organization is undergoing an ethical collapse.

Has anyone in your organization ever made a decision that you felt was ethically wrong? Chances are that you answered "yes."

Organizations often start out making good, ethical decisions, but the line separating right from wrong can be easy to cross, particularly when people are under pressure to achieve results.

When this happens, unethical behavior and decision-making can become widespread. This can lead to the downfall of everyone involved, or can threaten the organization itself.

So, if you're a senior leader in your organization, how do you know if there are ethical problems lurking within it? In this article, we'll look at Jennings' Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse, a tool that you can use to identify ethical weaknesses in your organization. We'll then review what you can do to address each sign. ...

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