Improve Your Concentration Infographic

Improve Your Concentration Infographic

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  • Over a month ago BillT wrote
    Hello Ammar,

    You're right. The rise of technology use in today's business and private world can lead to a huge number of distractions. However, most apps come with a setting that allows you to control how, when and which notifications are received, and some even permit turning them off completely,

    Mind Tools Team
  • Over a month ago Ammar wrote
    Today every one handle a spam collector, means whatsApp, Telegram and ...
    every app and software wants to notify you !!!
  • Over a month ago Yolande wrote
    Hi Rakesh1973, I think with all the distractions of electronic devices, social apps and email we may find it increasingly harder to concentrate. We're glad you enjoyed the article.

    Mind Tools Team
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