How to Cope With Change Infographic

Coping With Change

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  • Over a month ago Michele wrote
    Hi EmmaGD,

    Welcome to the club. Thank you for the feedback on the infographic. We're glad that you found it helpful and appreciate receiving your suggestion on the print format. I will pass your suggestion to our content development team for their consideration. In the meantime, if you need assistance finding a resource or navigating the site, just ask. As a member of the Mind Tools Team, we're here to helop to get the most from your membership.

    Mind Tools Team
  • Over a month ago EmmaGD wrote
    It would be really helpful if infographics were on a format to be able to be printed out as a handout. This one takes 4 pages and if you make it smaller it is difficult to read because the writing is white. I really wanted to use this as an extra 'take away' in a team focus day but can't as it won't print out reasonably. Apart from that it is great! :D