How to Avoid Generosity Burnout

Protecting "Extra Milers" From Overdoing It

Generosity Burnout - Protecting Extra Milers

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Protecting your time can help you to avoid generosity burnout.

Keisha knows she shouldn't be thinking about work. It's Sunday afternoon, after all.

She should be spending the last hours of the weekend soaking up the sunshine, playing with her two sons in the garden, and helping her husband to set up the barbecue. Instead, she's spent most of the day putting together a sales report that her boss needs first thing Monday.

She should have got it done well before the end of last week, but, because she stayed late to help with a team evaluation, sat in on a client presentation rehearsal, attended marketing meetings, and dealt with an endless list of requests from colleagues, she hasn't had time.

Keisha is at risk of "generosity burnout" (also known as "collaborative overload") – she is so eager to help others out that she ends up doing more than she should and spending less time on the things that really matter.

In this article, we'll discuss the causes and danger of generosity burnout, and the steps that you can take to avoid it.


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