Moving Into Your First Management Role

Learning to Be a Successful Manager

Moving Into Your First Management Role - Learning to be a Successful Manager

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A good manager leads by example.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you've recently landed a new role, and you're about to become a manager for the very first time. Congratulations!

As a new manager, it's possible that you'll be faced with some unfamiliar challenges, like developing processes, setting goals and priorities for your team, and making sure that everyone is working to their full potential.

You may be feeling anxious about others' expectations of you. Will your boss expect you to "hit the ground running"? Are your team's goals too ambitious? What kind of guidance and support will you receive?

Whether you're a seasoned professional who's making the transition from technical expert to manager, or a new recruit on a management fast track, the move from managing yourself to managing others can feel overwhelming.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to get off on the right foot. In this article, we'll look at some strategies and tips you can use to make your new managerial role a success.

Succeeding as a New Manager

Whether you're managing a small team or an entire department, your principal concerns are likely to be the same:

  • Can I still perform well as an individual, while being responsible for the contributions of other people too?
  • How do I set effective goals for my team?
  • Will the transition from "team member" to "team leader" cost me my friendships?
  • Have I got what it takes to motivate others and earn their respect?
  • What if the team doesn't like me – or don't like each other?

Try to step into your new role with your eyes open. Address any management misconceptions you may be harboring before you start, and focus on what's most important: building trust and bringing out the best in your team. ...

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