Eight Goal-Setting Mistakes Infographic

Eight Goal Setting Mistakes Infographic

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  • Over a month ago Midgie wrote
    Hi MalcolmMullavey,
    Welcome to the Club and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Knowing our 'why' is certainly a strong motivating driver to take action and achieve our goals.

    In terms of whether the goal has been met, that all depends on what the specific goal was. If the person set a goal to lose only 1 gram, then yes! ;) We can discuss this in much more length in the Forums so why not come on over and lets chat further.

    Mind Tools Team
  • Over a month ago MalcolmMullavey wrote
    In regards to a negative goal - or any goal for that matter I think it is important to question the why - So if it was to "loose weight" Why? To be healthy? so then the goal would be to be healthy. Also to that fact if you say - I want to loose weight. And you loose 1 gram - is the goal then met?
  • Over a month ago Michele wrote
    Hi wrote,

    Setting a "negative" goal may inspire you to achieve it. However, for many people, dwelling on the negative creates a spiral of negative thinking and negative self-talk. The probability of achieving the goal once negativity sets in is greatly reduced.

    Mind Tools Team
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