How to Keep Calm in a Crisis

Staying in Control When Times Get Tough

How to Keep Calm in a Crisis - Staying in Control When Times Get Tough

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Stay calm, strong and resolute to weather any storm.

How do you react in an emergency? Do you freeze, or find that your mind goes blank? Neither of those responses will help you or your team, but they can be minimized or prevented altogether with preparation and planning.

The word "crisis" conjures up images of floods, storms and wildfires, or maybe a banking crash or terrorist outrage. In business terms, though, it can be used for any number of situations, from an urgent product recall or claims of fraud, to a market collapse.

At a local level, a crisis could be triggered by having key members of your team on sick leave at the same time, or by rumors of lay offs or major change. These may be mundane issues in global terms but they can critically impact your team or organization.

You need to be organized and swift in response to a crisis. But, above all, you need to stay calm. It's not easy to keep cool when things go wrong, but this article will help you to meet disaster head-on and to think clearly as you do so. We look at crises in two stages: before they erupt and while they are happening.

Before a Crisis Erupts – Be Prepared

The better prepared you are for a crisis, the more effective your response will be if it happens. If you put in the groundwork and have a tried-and-tested plan in place, you and your people will more likely be able to stay calm and levelheaded if you are "blindsided" by a disaster, as there is comfort in knowing there are procedures to follow to deal with it.

These six steps can help you to prepare for a sudden and unexpected threat to your organization.


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