Breaking Bad Habits Infographic

Breaking Bad Habits Infographic

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Comments (2)
  • Over a month ago Michele wrote
    Hello Lynda B,

    Thank you for sharing your understanding of breaking bad habits. You raise some good points. Awareness of the habit is an important first step, as are are understanding what is driving the habit. I always find knowing the "why" behind thoughts or behavior is helpful in making a positive change.

    Mind Tools Team
  • Over a month ago lyndab2014 wrote
    I believe that the article makes breaking an inhibiting habit seem too easy - there are points that are critical missing... like awareness of bad habit... what is behind the behaviour (behind every behaviour there is a belief that drives it)...what and how bad of a negative impact does the behaviour have on your relationships and other aspects of life today ---and what will it create in the future.... basic... however so very important steps.... Lynda B