10 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day

We all have bad days. Perhaps we get stuck in a traffic jam on our way to work, argue "energetically" with a grumpy colleague, or have a serious problem with a client delivery.

Whatever the reason, bad days are part of life. However, we can choose how we react to them.

One option is to dwell on the situation, and let our negative emotions persist throughout the day. But this is unpleasant, and there's a good chance that our mood will spread to others. Instead, we can take the initiative and find ways to make a bad day better. This choice is empowering and positive, and it puts us in control of our actions and emotions.

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How to Brighten Your Day

Here are 10 things that you can do to make a bad day better.

1. Reach Out

Contact a trusted friend or colleague and ask if she has time for a cup of coffee.

Often, talking about what bothers you can release negative feelings. Your friend might also give you a different perspective – perhaps the problem isn't so bad from her viewpoint! ...

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