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Test your skills

The self-tests on this page help you evaluate your skills in the areas listed.

These self-assessments take only a few minutes each to complete, but they'll save you a lot of time by helping you quickly zero in on the articles and resources that will help you most.

Enjoy using them!


Getting Started

Test Your Skills
Find the Resources That Will Help You Most


Understanding Yourself

Are You a Positive or Negative Thinker?
Learn About – and Change – How You Think

How Self-Motivated Are You?
Taking Charge of Your Goals and Achievements

Locus of Control
Are You In Charge of Your Destiny?

How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?
Boosting Your People Skills

Time Management

How Good is Your Time Management?
Discover Time Management Tools That Can Help You


Stress Management

Burnout Self-Test
Testing Yourself for Burnout

How Good is Your Anger Management?
Controlling Your Anger Before It Controls You

How Self-Confident Are You?
Improving Self-Confidence by Building Self-Efficacy

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale
Understanding the Impact of Long-Term Stress


Communication Skills

How Good Are Your Communication Skills?
Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading Effectively

How Good Are Your Presentation Skills?
Understanding Your Impact

How Good is Your Feedback?
Giving Clear Comments to Improve Performance

How Good are Your Listening Skills?
Understanding Someone's Entire Message


Decision Making and Problem Solving


Leadership and Team Management

Leadership Motivation Assessment
How Motivated Are You to Lead?

Team Effectiveness Assessment
How Well Do You and Your Team Work Together?

How Well Do You Delegate?
Discover Ways to Achieve More

How Good are Your Motivation Skills?
Discover Key Factors for Building a Motivated Team


Project Management

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