The CEDAR™ Feedback Model

Feeding Back, Collaboratively

Managers worry a lot about giving feedback, and with good reason.

If delivered correctly, it has the potential to inspire and motivate people. Conversely, if delivered poorly, it can upset and alienate them.

But giving feedback is an essential part of a manager's responsibilities. Exploring what's going well – and what's not – is one of the most important ways to help your people to achieve their personal and organizational goals, and it can help to build successful and progressive workplaces.

At the same time, you need to make sure that your people are on board and open to feedback. This is where the CEDAR™ Feedback Model can help. It is designed to help organizations develop a culture of feedback that is built on collaboration – not "orders from above" – by encouraging people to take greater responsibility for their own career progression.

In this article, developed with originator Anna Wildman, we'll explore the CEDAR Model further and explain how you can apply it in your organization.

Learn how to create a culture of feedback in your organization with our video and transcript.

What Is the CEDAR Feedback Model?

CEDAR is a framework that can be used to structure feedback conversations in a positive way by allowing the individual – rather than the manager – to take the lead in discussions about their performance.

The model was designed by leadership and management skills consultant Anna Wildman in 2003, and developed over the years since. (Mind Tools Club members and enterprise licensees can hear Anna's Expert Interview with us, discussing how to apply the model.)


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