Doblin's 10 Types of Innovation®

Expanding Organizational Innovation

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Focus on these areas to improve your organization.

All successful companies develop their competitive edge through some form of innovation. However, many focus on one area of innovation only. For instance, they may only look at improving customer services, or creating new products. While all this is well and good, they may be able to do a lot better by innovating in other areas as well.

When we spread innovation over multiple areas, it becomes much more difficult for competitors to copy us. It can also create much more value. So, where should we look to innovate?

This is where Doblin's 10 Types of Innovation can help. This useful tool highlights 10 key areas that we can look at when we need to innovate.

About the Tool

The tool was created by the Doblin Group, an innovation consulting firm, which developed the 10 Types of Innovation* after 27 years of research with a variety of businesses and organizations. Doblin says that you're far more likely to have a successful organization if you focus on innovation in at least four of the ten areas.

The 10 types of innovation are grouped into four broad categories:...

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