10 Tips for Working at a Client's Site

Transitioning to a Temporary Workplace

10 Tips for Working at a Client's Site - Transitioning to a Temporary Workplace

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Learn how to build great relationships when working at a client's site.

Terri's company, a marketing agency, has taken on a major new client. The contract requires one of the agency team to work at the client's site for six months, to help it to overhaul its marketing strategy. Terri's manager has asked her to take on the assignment.

She's excited by the opportunity, but she's also nervous. It's a multinational logistics company, and it's more formal and regulated than her agency. Terri is worried about whether she'll fit in. Plus, the customer is based in a different state, and she'd have to relocate.

Going to work at a client's office can feel like a strange mixture of starting a new job and "going undercover." However, it can also be a rewarding experience that gives you insight into a client's operations and ways of working. It can also introduce you to new perspectives, people, and opportunities for growth.

Why You Might Find Yourself "Working Away"

People are often asked to work at a client's premises when they provide services that are integral to the client's operations. You might, for example, offer specialized marketing or IT expertise that a client lacks, and be taken on as a consultant or freelancer.


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