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Reach for the Right Reward! Reach for the Right Reward!
The glamour of an awards night can be a highlight of your working year, especially if you or your organization pick up a prize or two. But be warned, "All that glitters is not gold"!

While some awards can boost your organization's reputation and profile, others may have little or no value to you. Our article, The Benefits of Company Awards, explores the pros and cons of chasing accolades, and how to identify the ones to aim for.

There are ways of rewarding people's contributions to your team or company that are truly meaningful. Find out how to properly recognize people's value with our articles, Helping Your People Find Purpose in Their Work and A Bit of Perfume.

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The Benefits of Company Awards The Benefits of Company Awards

Find out how to identify credible awards, and prepare winning strategies to bag them!

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Helping Your People Find Purpose in Their Work Helping Your People Find Purpose in Their Work

Follow these five-steps for helping your team members to find meaning in their roles.

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A Bit of Perfume A Bit of Perfume

Learn how to show genuine appreciation for work well done.

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Rewarding Your Team
Rewarding Your Team

Discover the importance of saying "thank you," in words and actions.

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Using Recognition to Drive Performance
Using Recognition to Drive Performance, With Chester Elton

Find out how to match reward to effort.

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Get the Recognition You Deserve
Get the Recognition You Deserve

Learn how to "toot your own trumpet" without boasting.

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Your Tips for Making Time for Learning and Development Your Tips for Making Time for Learning and Development

We asked you for your top tips for fitting L&D into your day. Here's a selection of your responses.
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Mental Health First Aid at Work: Fashion or Core Responsibility? Mental Health First Aid at Work: Fashion or Core Responsibility?

Faye Bradshaw examines the rising cost of mental health issues at work, and how employers can do more to create a safe environment.
A Final Note

A list of awards might look good on the office stationery, but how credible are they? Applying for them can be a laborious process, so make it worthwhile by identifying only those that add to your reputation or industry standing.

Next week, you can find out how to manage your transition toward retirement, and plan for a fulfilling and happy life after work.

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