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Newsletter 383
May 26, 2015

In This Issue...
Design Thinking
Generating New Ideas
Random Input
Change By Design, by Tim Brown
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  Time to Think About Design!

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." ~ Steve Jobs

The days of design simply being the "icing" on a product or service are long gone. Nowadays, you need to put customers' needs and wants at the very heart of your organization's innovation process.

You can learn more about how to do this in our article on Design Thinking.

Challenging traditional practices is one of the keys to creativity, and you can find out how to get those ideas flowing in our articles on Crawford's Slip Writing Method and Generating New Ideas.

Enjoy this newsletter!
  James & Elizabeth
  James Manktelow and Elizabeth Eyre
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Featured Resources at Mind Tools
Design Thinking
Putting the Customer at the Heart of Development

Engage with your customers right from the start of product development to find innovative new solutions.
All Readers' Skill-Builder
Design Thinking
Crawford's Slip Writing Method
Generating Ideas From Many Contributors

Unlock the creative talents of your team with this simple, yet effective method of brainstorming. All Members' Skill-Builder
Crawford's Slip Writing Method
Generating New Ideas
Think Differently and Spark Creativity

Explore techniques that will encourage creativity and spawn new ideas. All Readers' Skill-Builder
Generating New Ideas
... And From the Mind Tools Club
Random Input
Making Creative Leaps

Use this lateral thinking tool to generate fresh ideas and new problem-solving perspectives. All Members' Skill-Builder
Random Input
Change By Design, by Tim Brown Speaker

Our Book Insight looks at how consultancy expert Tim Brown urges organizations of all sizes to adopt design thinking to inspire innovation. Premium Members' Book Insight
Change By Design
Creating Minimum Viable Products
Learning What Customers Really Want

Find out how to test new ideas quickly, and with the minimum investment of time and money. All Members' Skill-Builder
Creating Minimum Viable Products
Get Creative!

Discover three powerful tools that help you be more creative, in our one-hour Bite-Sized Training session.
All Members' Bite-Sized Training

Get Creative!
How to Have Better Ideas, With Andrew Razeghi Speaker

Management professor Andrew Razeghi shares some of his top strategies for harnessing the creative power he believes we all have within us. Premium Members' Expert Interview
How to Have Better Ideas
In the Mind Tools Blog
I Wish I'd Thought of That!

Keith Jackson urges the indulgence of creative thinking, even if the results are sometimes unspectacular! All Readers' Blog
I Wish I'd Thought of That!
For Learning & Development Professionals, From Mind Tools Corporate
The Change Curve

In this free 10-minute guide, Les Strachan explores the four stages most people go through as they adjust to organizational change. All Readers' L&D Resource
The Change Curve
Learning and Development Managers!

Looking for content for your learning program or LMS? Get 1000+ training resources from Mind Tools Corporate.
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A Final Note

Inspiration can strike at any time, from any source. If you give your team the freedom to come up with ideas, you may hit upon that "Eureka!" moment much sooner than you expect!

Have a great week!


James Manktelow

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