Learn how to manage consultants, so that they work effectively with your team.
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Why Are Your People Thinking of Leaving? Get Along With Outside Experts!
Bringing in outside experts can be a great way to plug a skills gap in your organization, but you could be buying trouble as well as expertise.

Ensuring that external professionals work well alongside your own people without conflict takes careful management. You can find out how to do this with our article, How to Work Effectively With Consultants.

Traditional consultancy is not the only way to bring in new ideas or skills, however. You can find out how to cooperate with outside partners and customers with our articles, How to Set up an Open Innovation Program and Strategic Alliances.

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A Final Note

There are many benefits to hiring consultants, such as gaining short-term help and expertise without having to recruit someone permanently. But having "outsiders" comment on your processes and ways of working can unsettle your existing team members. As a manager, you need to create a collaborative environment that allows both "sides" to function successfully.

Next week, we look at how to work from home successfully. We explore how to manage your time and tasks effectively, and we look at how to stay in contact with your co-workers.

Have a great week!

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