Learn how to identify and tackle the root causes of stress.
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Why Are Your People Thinking of Leaving? Turn Stress Into Serenity
Chances are, your life at work can often feel challenging, demanding and stressful.

We've all experienced short-term stress from time to time, when an important deadline is approaching, for example. But knowing how to pinpoint causes of stress can prevent it from becoming a serious, long-term problem. Our articles, Stress Diaries and Managing Stress, can help you to do this.

We can also feel stress when work demands overwhelm other important areas of our lives. Read our article, The Wheel of Life, to find out how to bring things back into balance.

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Stress Diaries Stress Diaries

Find out how keeping a stress diary can help you to identify and manage the causes of short-term stress.

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Managing Stress Managing Stress

Learn how to create calm in your life and career.

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The Wheel of Life The Wheel of Life

Use this powerful interactive tool to find more balance in your life.

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Build a Positive Team Workbook
Resilience Toolkit Offer

Learn how to thrive under pressure with a copy of our new Resilience Toolkit, FREE when you join the Mind Tools Club before midnight PST, June 29.

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Stress Busters

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Resilience theme Resilience: Be Ready for Anything!

How well do you cope with pressure? Join us for our one-hour Twitter chat on Friday, June 23, at 1 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. BST. Simply follow us @Mind_Tools, and use #MTtalk.
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How to Manage Annoying People! How to Manage Annoying People

Rachel Salaman explores how to manage people who "drive you up the wall," with author and consultant Ilene Marcus.
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Ethics in L&D (Part 2) Ethics in L&D (Part 2): Practitioners Allay Fears

In his second of two posts on ethics in L&D, Bob Little examines industry experts' confidence in data protection rules.
A Final Note

Stress-released adrenaline can be a life-saver. For example, if we are faced with extreme physical danger, it triggers our "fight, flight or freeze" response. But this isn't useful in a workplace situation, where rational thinking is needed.

Identifying and tackling the causes of stress can help us to think clearly and make good choices if we feel that we are losing control.

Next week, you can explore a powerful model for assessing the strength of your position in a marketplace, and watch our new video to find out how to look at problems from different perspectives.

Have a great week!

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