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Brink Or Swim! See Through Your Customers' Eyes
Do you know what your customers really think about your organization? You may not know it, but they could be deeply dissatisfied, and may be sharing their displeasure far and wide.

It's important to put yourself in their shoes, to discover what it's like to do business with you from their perspective. You can find out how to do this with our article, Customer Experience Mapping.

Some customers aren't shy about expressing their anger, but you can learn how to draw their sting with our new video, Dealing With Unhappy Customers. Also, our article, The Brand Pyramid, explores strategies for building customer loyalty.

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Customer Experience Mapping Customer Experience Mapping

Find out how your customers feel about your organization, using this eight-step model for mapping their journey with you.

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Dealing With Unhappy Customers Dealing With Unhappy Customers

In this video, discover techniques for handling unhappy, angry or challenging customers.

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The Brand Pyramid The Brand Pyramid

Explore five stages of customer loyalty, and find out how to inspire the highest level of loyalty to your brand, product or organization.

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The Marketing Research Mix
The Marketing Research Mix

Learn how to plan an effective market research project.

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The Connected Company
The Connected Company, With Dave Gray

In this interview, discover how to respond to the needs of the "connected customer."

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Using Focus Groups
Using Focus Groups

Follow these five steps to gather valuable customer feedback.

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Your Top Tips for Minimizing Distractions Your Top Tips for Minimizing Distractions

We asked you how you handled distractions at work. Mind Tools editor Keith Jackson presents a selection of your excellent responses.
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Resources, not Course "Resources, not Course" are Key to L&D Success

Bob Little reports from a recent conference, where L&D professionals were told they need to curate resources, not produce them.
A Final Note

Your bottom line might be healthy, but it could be hiding problems that may bite you sooner rather than later. The only way to know your customers is to put down your paperwork and interact with them. Talk to them, listen to them. If you give them a great experience, your profits may stay healthy for years to come!

Next week, discover how to identify, support and defend people who willingly "go the extra mile" for you and your team.

Have a great week!

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