The Core Skills Needed to be a Great Boss

You can learn more than 1,000 individual management, leadership and personal effectiveness skills in the Mind Tools Club, using more than 2,000 individual resources to do this. On one level, that’s great! On another, it can leave people feeling overwhelmed, and asking “Where do I start?”

That’s a great question, and it’s one we wanted to answer definitively. That’s why we asked 15,242 managers worldwide to tell us what skills they thought were most important, and what skills they most wanted to see in the people who managed them.

This page highlights the 101 most important skills that these managers recommended - and that managers most need to know - organized into the 18 areas shown below.

Core Skills

Once you’ve learned these skills, explore the other skills available within the Club. These will deepen your knowledge and help you truly excel. Enjoy learning them!

Know Yourself

Plan and Manage Your Time

Cope With Change and Stress

Manage Your Career

Get Tasks and Projects Completed Effectively

Solve Problems Effectively

Make Smart Decisions

Foster Creativity and Innovation

Understand and Motivate Other People

Get the Best from Your People

Communicate Effectively

Hire and Develop Good People

Build a Great Team

Deal With Difficult Management Situations

Develop Situational Awareness

Get Ahead in the Wider Organization

Make Change Happen in Your Organization

Work Well With Customers and External Stakeholders