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Delivering self-directed learning at The Met

Supporting one of the world’s largest police forces with on-demand learning resources.
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The Challenge

London’s Metropolitan Police – or ‘The Met’ – employs around 30,000 police officers and over 12,000 support and ancillary staff. This makes it one of the biggest police forces in the world.

With such a large group of learners, The Met realized that face-to-face or classroom training wouldn’t cut it. For learning to be effective and efficient, it had to explore new ways to reach and support all staff. Regardless of rank, shift patterns, whether they’re in the office or on the beat.

The organization’s employee intranet had its challenges. It was inconsistent, with ad-hoc and hard to find content. And it lacked the variety and depth of resources and themes to provide the self-directed learning staff were calling for.

What’s more, the organization wanted to provide more opportunities for underrepresented groups. Specifically, a platform to support female colleagues and those from ethnic minority backgrounds to overcome barriers and progress in their careers.

To meet the needs of learners, The Met needed to:

  • Put resources at people’s fingertips so they could easily find and access content on their own time.
  • Ensure content was varied to engage with all staff and cater to different learning preferences.
  • Make sure the platform complemented existing L&D initiatives such as mentoring programs.

The Solution

With the Mind Tools toolkit, The Met now offers 2,000 plus on-demand, digital resources to help people with their learning and development. Articles, quizzes, bite-size training, videos and more help staff with day-to-day activities. And cope with the exceptional circumstances police workers face.

Working with The Met’s L&D team, we mapped resources to their core competencies, leadership framework and organizational values. What’s more, a dedicated Client Success Manager regularly touches base with the team to help drive learner engagement.

That includes working together on custom pages, monthly emails and webinars. In this way, The Met can promote timely content and incorporate feedback from staff on the types of topics and skillsets they want to learn.

It really helped focus and tailor the resources according to what we were trying to address at the time. And that has been a real positive ... being able to drill down and focus on specific areas, and linking those areas to our competency's framework. That is a massive selling point.

The Results

Mind Tools’ Reporting Hub has helped The Met track the progress of its learners, find out more about their needs and better meet these goals. Over the past three years, it has seen strong results, including:
  • Over 3,000 active users
  • 28,000+ page views of Mind Tools resources
  • A greater focus on career and leadership skills resources linked to core competencies.