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Working Out Your Differences

June 10, 2014


Some people are just so… annoying!

Is there someone on your team who always seems to rub you up the wrong way? Someone who, however good your intentions, you just can’t seem to get along with?

Personality clashes can happen in any work place, but don’t let one get in the way of your career.

Our article on “Working With People You Don’t Like” looks at ways of establishing a professional and productive rapport with every member of your team – even those you actively dislike.

You can also find out more about getting on with others at work in our articles on Building Good Work RelationshipsHow to be Tactful, and Conflict Resolution.    

Question: Can you really be happy at work if you don’t like your team mates? Have you ever felt like quitting your job because you didn’t like someone you worked with? Join the discussion below.

2 thoughts on “Working Out Your Differences

  1. Bree wrote:

    After trying to simply let the other person’s comments roll off my back, much like water rolling off a ducks back (!), I ended up changing offices.

    Maybe that was an avoidance strategy, yet after trying different things to let things go, I feel so much better now for moving!

    What experiences have others had and what did you do?

    1. Midgie wrote:

      Changing offices certainly in one strategy Bree! Yet, sounds like you did try to work amicably together and this was a last recourse.

      How has the relationship been since you moved?

      Anyone else, what experiences and strategies have you used when working with difficult people?

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