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Who’s “In the Know”?

May 9, 2014


Does the smooth running of your team grind to a halt when you, or other key individuals, go on vacation?

In many teams, expertise resides in the heads of just one or two key individuals, and that knowledge is lost if they move on.

Our article on How to Create a Wiki looks at how you can capture the knowledge that comes with years of experience on the job.

You can learn more about knowledge management and adopting new technologies in our articles on Knowledge ManagementManaging Knowledge Workers, and Working in a Virtual Team.

Question: Knowledge management is about more than just technology. How do you encourage team members to share information, so that knowledge gets passed on? Join the discussion below.

One thought on “Who’s “In the Know”?

  1. Rebel wrote:

    Creating a Wiki is a really cool idea. It’s a huge pain to me, the customer/client, if the only person that knows how to deal with something is on leave. For 4 weeks. And it’s now day 3… Is it just me?

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