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Take Your Creativity to New Heights

August 11, 2014



As a writer and a recovering perfectionist, I sometimes find it hard to know when to stop. I can write, rewrite, then rewrite again… mulling over the perfect word or phrase for ages.

My dedication to detail may lead to a polished article, but it also means that I’m not as efficient as I might be, and some of my personal projects, that don’t need to be perfect, take far too long to complete.

That’s why I loved reading what Ed Catmull had to say in Creativity, Inc. about balancing creativity with effective boundaries. Our creativity can be stifled when we feel overly scrutinized, or up against impossible deadlines. But realistic limits can have a positive effect.

In this audio clip, taken from our review of his book, we hear how boundaries are set in one of the most creative businesses around – the Pixar Animation Studios, which Catmull co-founded and ran for many years.

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Creativity, Inc. helps leaders to foster environments where creativity can flourish and businesses can prosper. Learn more about it in our premium members’ Book Insight.

Question: What limits do you need to get your creative projects off the drawing board? Join in the discussion below!

3 thoughts on “Take Your Creativity to New Heights

  1. Bree wrote:

    As a recovering perfectionist as well, I have struggled to get things out because I keep on tweaking, and re-tweaking, and re-tweaking again! Now I am able to more easily just let it go and know that it will still be of a high quality, just not ‘perfect’ as I’d like!

  2. Thoughtz wrote:

    Hello I also find it difficult especially when you want to get the right content and message out to the public. It’s about balance and being able to let go at times. Thank you for the quick article!

  3. Meiring wrote:

    It doesn’t have to be perfect…at some point you just have to start.

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