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Hey, President Trump! Take a Real Vacation

Hey, President Trump! Take a Real Vacation

April 7, 2017


In a previous incarnation, the now President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, tweeted that he didn’t like to take a vacation. “What’s the point,” he mused. “If you’re not enjoying your work, you’re in the wrong job.”

But you have to wonder just how much Trump is enjoying his new job, given the amount of vacation time he’s managed to squeeze into the first four months of his presidency. He’s had at least five weekend visits to Florida’s Mar-a-Lago resort since his January 2017 inauguration.

Or maybe we should call them “working holiday time,” given that Trump’s team has labelled the historic landmark the “Winter White House.”

Planning a Vacation Takes Time

This raises another issue: if his mind is still on the job and he’s still working, are these breaks even vacations at all? If he wanted a real vacation to “get away from it all,” then he shouldn’t really be working on anything.

The truth is that taking a real vacation (and really switching off from work) takes a good deal of planning and preparation. And, if we never fully switch off from our working lives, our bodies and minds never get an opportunity to rest and recuperate properly.

The Importance of Vacations

Vacations can help you to establish a good work-life balance, and allow you to have quality time with friends and family. In fact, research shows that taking just six days’ vacation can reduce your stress levels, boost your immune system, and ease depression.

Even if you can’t unplug completely, you can still set up a system to manage your disruptions (checking emails, taking calls, answering queries) so that they don’t overrun your precious personal and family time.

Trump in the Majority, and Right

Complete breaks from work are now, sadly, quite hard to come by, as technology means our office can follow us anywhere. Studies from TripAdvisor and others show that 77 percent of Americans do some work while on vacation, so it’s looks like President Trump is in the majority.

And he’s certainly right about one thing: we all want to do work that we enjoy. We feel better in ourselves and the days go quicker. But, don’t we all need a vacation at some point, even a small one, to let our minds and bodies unwind?

Find out how to take a real break from work and switch off, by reading our Ready for a Real Vacation article.

How hard do you find it to switch off from work when you’re on vacation? Join in the conversation, below.

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