Mind Tools | Thriving as a Manager in a Hybrid World

Thriving as a Manager in a Hybrid World

Find support and coaching with everyday challenges so you can be the best manager you can be in the reimagined workplace.

Why Managers Matter

As a manager, you play a vital role in the success of your organization. You are the key to your team working efficiently and effectively, ensuring happy and retained staff members, and meeting company goals. You also need the skills to coach your team members and encourage them to grow, as well as ensure you develop yourself in a wide range of soft skills and behaviours, to make sure you continue to be an exceptional manager.

Today, managers face many challenges, especially in the virtual and hybrid working world. Too many meetings, exhausted team members, remote onboarding, stress and workload overload – you have a lot to contend with! Our mission is to empower you to constantly evolve your skills to overcome whatever work throws at you – and thrive!

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Pick of the Week

When economic uncertainty hits, managing gets even tougher. You’re expected to keep morale high and productivity steady, even when your team is likely very anxious about their job security. This 10-minute read discusses the three key areas managers should look at when leading during a downturn.

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We’ve hand-picked these articles from our toolkit to help you to find a place to start. Within each article, you’ll find links to more management resources which you can add to your learning plan to come back to at a time that suits you!

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