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High Team Performance, Quickly

January 10, 2014


It takes time to get a new team up and running, and most teams go through predictable stages as they develop.

When you understand these, you can get a new team up and running quickly and effectively, and without much of the difficulty that people often experience.

Psychologist, Bruce Tuckman, identified four stages of team formation in the 1960s, and he called them “Forming, Norming, Storming, and Performing.” (Even now, this is a well-respected tool.)

In our article on Tuckman’s model, find out more about each of these stages, and learn what you can do to help your people move through each one successfully.

Question: What are some of the issues you’ve experienced new teams? Join the discussion below!

2 thoughts on “High Team Performance, Quickly

  1. Janice wrote:

    My team spends ALOT of time storming and not so much with any norming! Do you need to force the norms stage with facilitation of some sort? Who should do this when your team leader is nonconfrontational and just lets conflict pass and hopes it doesn’t rear up again?

    1. Dianna MT wrote:

      Hi Janice, Team Charters are a great tool to use to help facilitate the norming stage of team development. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk about expectations and work out things like how you expect conflict to be dealt with and how to make decisions. Has your team ever created a document like this? I think it’s something you could suggest and hopefully your team lead will see the value in it. To make it even easier, maybe you could offer to head the project. That would create a win-win and your team lead wouldn’t feel like he/she was being saddled with an extra task.

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