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Making Change for the Better

June 24, 2014


Have you ever felt uprooted by a change to company policies or processes?

In the words of the playwright George Bernard Shaw, “Progress is impossible without change.” But that doesn’t make the process feel any easier.

Often, people need guidance to help them accept change – especially if they are comfortable with the way things are at present, and don’t understand the benefits of the new approach.

Our article on “Bridge’s Transition Model” looks at the three stages that people go through when they experience change, and it shows you how to guide team members through them, until they are able to accept and ultimately support progress. You can read it here.

You can also find out about other change management techniques with our articles on Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, Lewin’s Change Management Model, and Kelley and Connor’s Emotional Cycle of Change

Question: What is your experience of change? Tell us below.

2 thoughts on “Making Change for the Better

  1. omar wrote:

    We are creatures of habit and some find it difficult to adjust to changes that are certain to come our way. Life is like an old, comfortable pair of shoes. We may realize that we need new ones and we may even find new ones we really like, but, we know that changing will cause us discomfort for a little while until we break them in.
    Sometimes we need to realize that life isn’t always easy. What may be better for us is not what we are used to, but it is certainly worth the trouble of breaking in new habits and lifestyle changes.

    1. Yolande Conradie wrote:

      It’s true what you say, Omar, change is sometimes difficult. But very often after we’ve gone through the transition process, we realize how beneficial it was to embrace the change.
      Thanks for sharing our views.

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