How to Manage and Motivate a High-Performing Sales Team

Learn How to Manage and Motivate a High-Performing Sales Team

January 17, 2014


If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know that these professionals are ambitious, driven, hard working, and competitive. Because of their unique dynamic, sales teams require a subtly different leadership approach from other professionals.

For instance, in most cases this group will resent any micromanagement. Sales professionals are often fiercely independent; much of the time, they want and need autonomy to do their work. Your best bet is to take a step back – you’ll earn their respect by showing you trust them to do their jobs.

Another issue you need to watch is their competitiveness. Some sales managers set up in-team competitions to meet performance goals. While this can be effective, a lack of foresight here can damage relationships between team members and their potential clients.

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Question: Do you work in or manage a sales team? If so, what techniques or strategies have you found work best? Join the discussion below!


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