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October 29, 2015



Many of us carry smart digital devices with us wherever we go, and we spend much of our time online. So, it’s easy to assume that we don’t need to remember anything. After all, we can look up any facts or figures whenever we want. But what about people’s names, our shopping lists, and all the other things that we must remember day-to-day without the help of a computer?

By using the Journey Technique to remember this important information, you can make a good impression and get on with your tasks, all while having some fun!

Find out more about the Journey Technique, and other ways to improve your memory, in our article.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Technique

  1. kathryn wrote:

    would love know more.

    1. Charlie Swift wrote:

      Thanks for your interest, Kathryn. Simply click anywhere on the infographic image, or go to, and you’ll find more detail including a worked example. – Charlie and the Mind Tools team

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