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Coping With Seasonal Pressure

February 7, 2014


Perhaps you work for a retailer, with a particularly busy holiday season, a tourism business with a frantic summer season, or a professional services firm that slows down when clients go on holiday…

Or maybe you work in a busy sales team, where pressure builds as you approach the quarter end…

One way or another, many businesses are seasonal, and most businesses have periodic deadlines to hit.

So, how can you cope with peak demand gracefully and efficiently, and how can you make best use of the time when the pressure’s off?

Find out in our article, and let us know how you cope, below!

One thought on “Coping With Seasonal Pressure

  1. Midgie wrote:

    I work in a University and we most certainly have seasonal periods where the demands are high such as the start of the year and when it comes to marking of assignments. My strategy is to keep things in perspective of what is important and just know that I am doing my best.

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