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How Influential is Your Marketing Strategy?

April 18, 2014


Online reviews and other social media have changed the way we shop by making it really easy to find out what other people think about a product.

So, how do sites like Amazon®, Twitter®, Facebook®, Pinterest®, and TripAdvisor® affect your customers?

Have you adjusted your marketing strategy to take advantage of this? Or are there other, more important factors that you should be focusing on?

Our article on “Simonson and Rosen’s Influence Mix” looks at three important factors that influence customers’ purchasing decisions. It then explores ways that you can tailor your marketing strategy to have the greatest influence over them – read the article to find out more.

You can also find out more about effective marketing in our articles on Developing Your Marketing StrategyMarket Segmentation, and The Product Lifecycle.

Question: What is the primary influence for your product or service? How will you adjust your marketing strategy to reflect this?


4 thoughts on “How Influential is Your Marketing Strategy?

  1. Midgie wrote:

    Out of the three important factors, my personal preference is the personal opinions and experiences of others. What is your most important factor when making a buying decision.

  2. Bree wrote:

    The most important factor is good value / quality and ‘does it feel right’.

  3. YolandeMT wrote:

    Experience of others is very important to me. What is said about a company/service on social media has an influence on how I think about a company. I won’t make a decision based solely on that, but if others had a bad experience in a similar situation with the same company, I might too. If others had a really good experience in a similar situation with the same company, I might too.

    1. Bree wrote:

      I agree with you Yolande about checking out others’ experiences. The joys of the internet is that you can no evaluate / assess the experiences and make a decision based on that. To many negative comments raises a warning bell for me!

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