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Good Idea? Is it Feasible?

February 28, 2014


It’s great to have good ideas at work, and it’s incredibly satisfying to see these deliver real business results.

However,  you can end up looking foolish if you haven’t fully thought your ideas through before you present them.

TELOS helps you do this. It’s a useful acronym that you can use to structure a feasibility study. By using it, you can ensure that your idea can be implemented, that it is worth pursuing, and that it can be delivered in a meaningful timeframe.

Learn more about it here.

(You might also want to look at our article on Mullins’ Seven Domains model, particularly if your idea involves setting up a new business.)

Question: Have you used a technique like TELOS before? What did you learn from it, and what tips can you offer?

4 thoughts on “Good Idea? Is it Feasible?

  1. Linc wrote:

    Of the two I prefer Mullins. It works well with Porter’s Five Forces and provides a solid overall picture of the market. TELOS might be a good ‘back of the napkin’ exercise though.

  2. Rebel wrote:

    I’m typically someone who just generates ideas. At first this model seemed like a lot of work…like, why can’t you just have ideas? As I read I realised that this may be exactly the type of thing I need to help me pay attention to the details that will come along as a result of an idea. Cool stuff!

    1. Dianna MT wrote:

      If you are an ‘idea generator’ it doesn’t surprise me that frameworks aren’t intuitive for you. 🙂 I think there is real value in using some sort of structure to bring depth and form to your ideas. TELOS is a good framework for this and will help you take an idea to reality. You might also try
      Scenario Analysis as a quick and easy way to test out your ideas.

  3. Rebel wrote:

    Thanks – I will have a look

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