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Getting the Best From Your Webinar

August 29, 2014


Organizations often use webinars to train their teams, educate clients and engage with customers. But there’s a lot that you should consider before you run your first webinar.

In today’s article, we look at what you need to do to organize, prepare and deliver an informative, interesting and successful webinar. We consider several webinar platform options, and then look at the best ways of preparing and delivering it, and evaluating its success.

Our articles on delivering great presentations, running successful meetings, conducting online training, and planning a workshop can then help you run other types of online events.

Question: Have you ever hosted a webinar at your organization? Share your top tips below!

5 thoughts on “Getting the Best From Your Webinar

  1. Thoughtz wrote:

    I think webinars are the way to go. I am a school Principal at a charter school and we are losing a number of students due to cyber charters. The trend is that people don’t need to leave the comfort of their homes in order to learn relevant information. It does address Gardner’s learning styles, but it does not provide much of the face-to-face interaction that is needed.

    1. Rebel wrote:

      To me webinars are great time-savers – IF you pay full attention and not get occupied with lots of other things while attending a webinar.
      If you are presenting: keep the audio as well as visual material interesting & captivating. Use pics, clips & one-liner jokes (provided they aren’t offensive in any way) or quotes to keep things lively.

  2. Caroline Smith wrote:

    Thanks for both your comments.

    Thoughtz – you’re right: webinars are great, but nothing can beat face-to-face communication, where possible. I guess for people who aren’t able to travel and attend classes in person, it’s a good alternative.

    Rebel, yes – I think keeping the visuals interesting is key. I like your suggestion of one-liner jokes! But I guess it depends on the presenter, and whether they’re comfortable with that. Using quotes is a great suggestion!

  3. Midgie Thompson wrote:

    I agree with Rebel here about paying full attention to a webinar. I do find it is so easy to do little ‘mindless’ tasks such as clearing out emails or organizing paperwork while listening, which means I do not give the webinar my 100% attention! Anyone else find they do that as well?

    1. Bree wrote:

      I have often done that as well Midgie. Put on a webinar and then do mindless tasks. I find that I end up not really hearing anything from the webinar and was almost a waste of time. I need to focus on listening to get the most.

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