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Get Focused With Your “One Thing”

September 13, 2013


Do you ever walk into work on Monday morning and immediately feel overwhelmed by how much you have to do? There are emails and phone calls to return, back-to-back meetings lined up after lunch, and you’re tempted to multitask just to get some of the things knocked off your To-Do List.

On days like this, it’s almost impossible to slow down enough to determine the most important thing we should be doing. But if we want to be truly successful in life, then that’s actually what we need to do.

If you constantly feel like you’re running full speed but you can’t get anywhere, then check out our new Book Insight into “The One Thing” (premium members only), subtitled, “The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.” This book shows you how to find the single most important thing you should be doing to achieve amazing results in your life and career.

And don’t forget that, if you want to learn more about what you need to work on to strengthen your time management skills, you can take our online self-tests, How Good Is Your Time Management? and How Productive Are You?, for some targeted advice.

Question: What tips and tricks do you use at work or at home to save time and be more productive? Join the discussion below!

2 thoughts on “Get Focused With Your “One Thing”

  1. Katie Botten wrote:

    Negligence or anxiety may invite accidental faux pas. If you are not in normal mood, avoid yourself to be involved in unnecessary discussion.

    1. Midgie Thompson wrote:

      Great bit of advice Katie about avoiding, if possible, getting involved in unnecessary discussions if you are not in your normal frame of mind or mood.

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