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Five Ways to Show Emotional Intelligence

June 25, 2015



What do you do when a co-worker has an angry outburst or shows distress – run away? Or are you someone to “pour oil on troubled water” and bring a smile back to your team member’s face?

And how’s your decision making? Do you get overwhelmed and confused by the options, or can you come to a clear and calm conclusion, taking everything into account?

Most of us are somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, but would like to improve our awareness, skills and courage. Emotional Intelligence (EI) encompasses all these areas and more.

Thankfully, we can develop it in ourselves and in others. So, have a look at our infographic on emotional intelligence and try our quiz. These tools will help you assess how emotionally intelligent you are, and what you can do to grow even more.

6 thoughts on “Five Ways to Show Emotional Intelligence

  1. Gloria wrote:

    Someone who is not particularly emotionally intelligent has to be self motivated to develop those skills.

    1. Yolande Conradie wrote:

      I think if you’re motivated to change because your current behavior isn’t giving you the results you want, you’re well on you way to increasing your EI skills.

  2. Rebecca wrote:

    EI is important day to day as we are dealing with humans. I agreed the good thing is EI can be developed and I personally think it is more important than IQ. Most successful people have good EI!

  3. rita reibeling wrote:

    Thank you

  4. Michele wrote:

    EI is what differentiates great leaders from so-so ones.

    1. Liz wrote:

      So true. Here’s our article specifically about EI for leaders:
      – Liz from the MindTools team

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