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Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

April 11, 2014


Do you know someone who never loses control of her emotions, even when she’s in a tough situation?

Or do you know people that always say the right things at the right times? They inspire people to take action, and they always know when to lend a listening ear.

People like this have high emotional intelligence, or EI. Because of this, they make great leaders, and they’re a joy to work with.

High emotional intelligence comes effortlessly for some people. But, for many of us, it’s a skill that we need to work on.

Take our quiz to see how emotionally intelligent you are now. Then, learn what you can do to boost your emotional intelligence still further.

Question: How will high emotional intelligence help you in your career? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

8 thoughts on “Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

  1. Rebel wrote:

    I sent her and a few other colleagues the link. Let’s see what happens, but I’m not exactly holding my breath. 😉

  2. Rebel wrote:

    Had to deal with a person the past few days that is very intelligent, but has very low emotional intelligence. She turns every possible situation into a drama of note. In doing so she makes it much more difficult for herself as well as others.
    I think her career, finances and overall happiness would have been at a completely different level if she her EQ was better. And that’s probably a lesson for all of us and something we should all be aware of: low EQ will hold you back in more area than one.

    1. Midgie wrote:

      Rebel, can you suggest to your colleague to have a look at this article?!?

      Agree with you though that low EQ will hold you back in life.

  3. Donna wrote:

    It will help because you won’t break down if you’re having a tough time at work.

    1. Midgie wrote:

      Hi Donna,
      Glad to hear that using emotional intelligence will help you not ‘break down’ in the workplace. When do you find it more challenging to maintain your composure at work? Have you tried any breathing techniques to help remain calm, clear and level headed?

    2. Bree wrote:

      I used to break down and tears would well up when I got very stressed. I’ve tried some breathing techniques like Midgie suggested and they have worked for me. The easiest technique is exhaling very slowly and at the same time imaging all the stress literally leaving the body with each breath out. Helped me to be less emotional and more calm/rational in stressful situation.

  4. Nomhle Gcelushe wrote:

    It’ll help me take slightly all the difficult situations that my team puts me through

    1. Midgie wrote:

      Hi Nomhle,
      Teams can challenge us, and challenge us to maintain a rational and positive attitude to things. What sorts of difficult situations happen in your workplace?

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