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Dealing With Sloppy Work

March 14, 2014


People can submit sloppy work for a number of reasons.

Perhaps they’re overloaded. Perhaps they have low ambition, and just don’t care. Maybe they dislike the task; or perhaps they have disengaged emotionally from their jobs.

When someone on your team produces sloppy work, it can quickly result in mistakes, miscalculations, and unhappy customers; and all of these can easily affect your team’s success in the long term.

This is why it’s so important deal with careless work promptly.

Read this article to learn how to deal with sloppy work on your team.

Question: How have you dealt with sloppy work in the past? Let us know your tips below.


6 thoughts on “Dealing With Sloppy Work

  1. Rebel wrote:

    Ouch! Guilty of rushing sometimes because of procrastinating. Very useful info to help manage other people also. But mainly myself. Need to concentrte on doing things now and give myself enough time to do them as good as I know I can. Rushing makes it look sloppy and I know I’m not that person reflected in the sloppy work.

    1. Dianna MT wrote:

      Hi Rebel,
      Procrastination is a destructive habit for so many reasons. The good news is it’s a habit that can be broken and replaced by positive time management behaviours. Have you tried a system of prioritizing your work and planning your day using a to-do list to start? You don’t want your reputation to suffer by turning in sloppy work.

  2. Backwards wrote:

    So, how do you deal with working for a company where “sloppy work” is acceptable when your personal standards are higher? For instance, when the expectation is to just throw something out there to get something out there instead of doing it right the first time?

    1. Midgie wrote:

      Hi Backwards,
      I do believe that there will always be consequences to just letting sloppy work go out, just to get it out. Ultimately, it could cost them business and clients. If I had higher standards, I would continue to maintain those high standards regardless of what others did in the company.

  3. Bree wrote:

    Have perfectionist tendencies means that I have such high standards for myself that I would never consider letting work go if it was ‘sloppy’. I have then struggled when I’ve managed others and their standards are not quite the same! Some adjustments definitely had to be made to expectations of others work, and also of my own at times.

    1. YolandeMT wrote:

      True Bree, our expectations can cause huge disappointment. It’s great to work with people like you – if you’re me! But as you said, we can’t expect all others to have the some work ethic, attention to detail etc. That doesn’t mean that sloppy work is acceptable though.
      I think being able to adjust your expectations of yourself is great. We can cause ourselves huge stress simply because of ‘over expecting’ from ourselves!

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