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August 25, 2014


collective-genius-cover_80x121Since leaving my post at an international news agency six years ago, I’ve really enjoyed the freedom and flexibility my freelance lifestyle has given me, but I’ve also discovered that it’s important to recreate some of the positive elements of the environment I left behind.

I’ve rented a studio space with fellow creatives, I try to bounce ideas off other writers wherever possible and I check in regularly with a friend to share ideas and set deadlines around work. This helps with accountability.

Collective Genius was a great reminder to me that the creative process works best when it’s shared with others. Authors Linda A. Hill, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove, and Kent Lineback use the example of elite design partnership Pentagram to illustrate how creativity thrives in a multidisciplinary environment.

Here’s a clip from our review of this book:

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Question: How can your organization foster a more collaborative creative process? Join the discussion below.

2 thoughts on “Creativity Enjoys Company

  1. gionova wrote:

    Dear Sirs

    Please help me to aquire VanGundy product improvement checklist (PICL) Stimulus word list (792 random words)

    Thank you for your cooperation.



    1. Midgie Thompson wrote:

      Hi Gionova,
      Thanks for asking about the Product Improvement Checklist (PICL) stimulus word list. As I teach Creativity at University, I was very curious to know what that is as I had never heard it before. So, I started hunting around!

      I found this reference that you could check out for the list. VanGundy, A. B. (1985). The Product Improvement CheckList (PICL). Norman, OK: VanGundy & Associates, Inc.

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