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Manager User Manuals: Unite Teams and Managers to Improve Your Organization

Meeting a new manager is never easy, but building trust quickly is essential. In this blog, Faye Bradshaw outlines how a “Manager User Manual” can make this challenging transition a success.


December 11, 2019

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Confident or Arrogant? How to Tell the Difference and Why It Matters

A few years ago, I interviewed a young woman for a position in our company. During the interview, I…


March 11, 2019


How to Learn the Art of Good Leadership

According to conventional workplace wisdom, “good” leadership relies on managing people effectively. This is vital if your people are to…


July 21, 2017

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How to Become a Soul-Centered Leader

Much of Western society’s understanding of the soul (what may, otherwise, be called the psyche) is rooted in the…


May 12, 2017


Keeping Those Great Expectations in Check

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Team GB won two medals on the same day – a silver in the…


April 7, 2017


Empowering Leadership: Building a Culture of Trust

Once upon a time the prevailing view was that business leaders merely had to tell their workers what to…


March 31, 2017


10 Tips For Perfecting Performance Reviews

According to an SHRM/Globoforce survey, annual performance reviews are waning in popularity. Instead of carrying out performance reviews –…


December 30, 2016


Are You Getting the Gig Economy?

Among the many changes that we’re experiencing in today’s world of work is the rise of what’s being called…


December 16, 2016


Engagement: Giving Employees a Voice

Along with performance support and continuing professional development (CPD), employee engagement is one of the key learning challenges facing today’s…


October 14, 2016