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Recommended Reading – 10 Books to Boost Your L&D This Fall

Passive-Aggressive people agree to do something, while actually having no intention of doing it. This is their way of exercising control while avoiding conflict.


September 18, 2019


Mistakes and What Not to Do When You Make Them

No one likes to admit when they’re wrong. Perhaps they think it will make them look weak, stupid, or…


October 27, 2017


An Effective Training Plan With a Winning Formula

If you believe that people are a key asset then, whether you’re a training professional or not, you should…


March 24, 2017


3 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

Every organization has a brand, as does every individual working in those organizations. Developing and promoting that brand appears to…


November 25, 2016


Linking Learning to Business Values and Strategies

A dissatisfied and frustrated workforce is unlikely to work hard to exceed expectations, provide exemplary customer service, and enable…


March 18, 2016