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Keeping Those Great Expectations in Check

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Team GB won two medals on the same day – a silver in the…


April 7, 2017


Outsourcing L&D: 10 Key Things to Remember

The concept of “Lean” – doing more with less – has pervaded organizational thinking for years. Applying it has led organizations…


November 11, 2016

More Tips and Tricks for Managing Upwards

Whenever this topic arises with a team, people will talk about the “boss from hell,” or the traits that…


June 10, 2016


Create an Effective Blended Learning Culture

Blended learning – that elusive yet allegedly much desired, potentially idyllic combination of face-to-face and online learning – is…


April 15, 2016


Learning Needs Analyses – a Practitioner’s View

According to 19th century German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke, “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” “That…


January 29, 2016


Learning Needs Analyses

Despite the slightly macabre saying, “Only lemmings jump to conclusions,” it’s all too easy to decide the answer to…


January 22, 2016


Making Learning Stick

So, having done the learning needs analysis, you’re going to design the learning program. You know what subjects you…


December 11, 2015


Evaluation – the Basics

Learning evaluation is difficult. It presents all sorts of problems for the conscientious L&D professional. In the L&D context,…


August 7, 2015

Surveys Shine a Light on Secrets of Successful Capability Building

According to a recent report – Building capabilities for performance – by the global management consulting firm McKinsey &…


February 27, 2015