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Continuous Learning: Avoiding Filter Failure and Fake News

Many L&D professionals will tell you that one of the key aspects of career success is “continuous learning.” But,…


January 26, 2018


L&D Issues as Seen From the Top

A survey of more than 1,000 senior professionals from Europe, the Middle East, Japan and China shines an interesting…


July 28, 2017


How to Learn the Art of Good Leadership

According to conventional workplace wisdom, “good” leadership relies on managing people effectively. This is vital if your people are to…


July 21, 2017


15 Ways to Make Learning Memorable

We’re increasingly told that the nature of learning is changing. In the pre-digital age, people were valued for what they…


April 28, 2017

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Great Expectations: Meet the Consumer Learner

As consumers, technology has played a huge role in changing the way that we interact with brands. If you…


April 26, 2017


How to Communicate L&D Across Different Cultures

Throughout history, despite developing separately, cultures have needed to interact. This might be for economical (trade), educational (because travel…


April 21, 2017


L&D for the Mature Worker: What’s Age Got to do With It?

Not so long ago, people in the western world knew the unbreakable rule of working life. After leaving school,…


April 14, 2017


An Effective Training Plan With a Winning Formula

If you believe that people are a key asset then, whether you’re a training professional or not, you should…


March 24, 2017


L&D’s “Pirate Code”: The ATD State of the Industry Report

According to the latest State of the Industry Report (SOIR) from the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the average direct…


March 3, 2017