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L&D Shows How to Collaborate With the Competition

History tells us that competition has enabled human society to survive relatively successfully. Consequently, competition is encouraged as a…


January 27, 2017


Key Skills and Tips for L&D Professionals

For many centuries, our society has devoted a great many resources to teaching knowledge, while placing less emphasis on…


January 13, 2017


How Do You Assess Self-Directed Learning?

Google the phrase “self-directed learning” and you’ll find many articles and books explaining why everyone should want to be continuous…


January 6, 2017


Are You Getting the Gig Economy?

Among the many changes that we’re experiencing in today’s world of work is the rise of what’s being called…


December 16, 2016

GettyImages/Sam Edwards

10 Tips for Engaging People With E-learning

Sooner or later, everyone – be they a parent, teacher, L&D specialist, or just someone who wants to impart…


October 21, 2016


Engagement: Giving Employees a Voice

Along with performance support and continuing professional development (CPD), employee engagement is one of the key learning challenges facing today’s…


October 14, 2016

Learning Culture: A Modern Approach

Learning Culture: A Modern Approach

Competitive advantage was, until recently, measured in terms of economies of scale, market share, brand recognition, and so on….


October 12, 2016

time-poor learning

Engaging Time-Poor Learners

A key fact of modern life is that – despite the labor-saving benefits of technology and increasing focus on…


October 12, 2016


Mindfulness: the Business Benefits

Thirty years or so ago, mindfulness was a discipline practiced by those who were “religious.” Yet, by the beginning…


August 26, 2016